The spaces are stacked so they have relationships with another. The structure is placed on the periphery of each space so it does not obstruct the function nor the relationship with the adjacent space. the users could enjoy their work on each floor while also having a relationship with their peers in another space. we could begin to imagine that spaces, which the many activities are happening in, actually compose one large space.

집짓는 이야기_ #01평당공사비의 함정

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노드아키텍스에서는 집짓기와 관련된 여러가지 포스팅을 진행할 예정입니다.

실제 집을 지으면서 부딪혔던 여러가지 생각들, 클라이언트분들이 고민하시던 내용들, 오해하시고 계시는 내용들, 그때 그때 주제는 다르겠지만, 조금은 이해하시기 쉽게 전달해보고자 합니다.

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